Patriot Anorak
Patriot Anorak
Patriot Anorak

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Patriot Anorak

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"You're gonna love the way you look, I Guarantee it!." -Men's Warehouse. 

Wrong company. But we'll still Guarantee it! These Woodland and Black Camo Anorak pullovers are lit! Perfect for everyday wear, or for those special occasions such as weddings, formal events, etc. (don't judge us.) 

***Warning, these do not qualify for Canadian Tuxedos. This is a much higher level of sophistication.*** 

-Made from 100% nylon 330D

-Interior and exterior waterproof coatings. 


-Elastic Cuffs

-Tightening Toggle Waistband

-Side slit pockets to keep your whiskey mitts warms.